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? 2022 Reading List of the Year: Must Read Books ?

In 2021, books took on a whole new significance for many of us as we sought distraction and delight in the middle of the years of ups and downs.

If you’re searching for new reading material, go no further than 2022, which has produced some terrific page-turners for me. All of these books were my favorite and will be reading them again when I need a reality check on business and life. If I had to choose my favorite book out of the ones list below I would say Twelve & a Half By Gary V. was my favorite. My opinion is that Gary teaches you how to operate a business by genuinely caring for one another.

Twelve and a Half by Gary Vaynerchuk 

In his sixth business book, bestselling author, entrepreneur, and investor Gary Vaynerchuk investigates the twelve crucial emotional abilities that are critical to his life—and company—success, and provides today’s (and tomorrow’s) leaders with the tools they need to understand and cultivate these traits.

For decades, leaders have relied on “hard” skills to make sound judgments, while disregarding the importance of emotional intelligence. Self-awareness and curiosity aren’t quantifiable; they can’t be quantified on a spreadsheet, and they aren’t taught in business schools or appreciated by organizations.

Atomic Habits by James Clear

An atomic habit is a regular practice that is simple to carry out, but also a source of tremendous power; it is a component of the compound development system.

Bad habits repeat themselves because you’re utilizing the incorrect change mechanism, not because you don’t want to change.

How Successful People Think by John C. Maxwell 

By changing your mindset, you can accomplish success. When looking at a successful individual, have you ever asked, “How do they do it?” “When we look at people who appear to have their lives together and who seem to succeed at everything they do, it’s easy to assume that success is a feature that some people have and some people don’t have; however, according to How Successful People Think (2009), success is a mindset, not a personality trait, and it’s something that anyone can develop!”

The Millionaire Real Estate Investor by Gary Keller AKA The Blue Book

If you’ve ever bought or sold a property, you’ve definitely interacted with a real estate agent. What was your experience like? Did you employ someone who was inexperienced and couldn’t persuade someone to buy anything, or did you have a seasoned salesperson who could sell anything?

A good salesman must have certain personality traits as well as the ability to persuade people, but there are many more factors that contribute to real estate success.

Simple Path to Wealth by JL Collins

JL Collins authored The Simple Path to Wealth for his daughter, intending to give it to her when she was ready to take on the world, to help her accumulate her “F-You money” without making the same mistakes that he did.

JL has produced a personal financial book that is concise, witty, and easy to read, but it is much more than that; it is a way of life.

“Unleash the stock market, the world’s most powerful wealth-building weapon,” JL says throughout. “It always rises. 

HOLD: How to Find, Buy, & Rent Houses for Wealth By Gary Keller AKA The Yellow Book

Learn how to utilize real estate to achieve financial independence in Gary Keller’s third and final instalment of the Millionaire Real Estate Investor trilogy, which explains how to generate financial wealth through real estate investing:

  1. Locate – the ideal property with the best terms and at a fair price.
  2. Examine – a proposal to confirm that the statistics and terminology are accurate.
  3. Purchase – an investment property in which you will make money right away.
  4. Manage – a property until it’s paid off or you’ve built up a significant amount of equity.
  5. Develop – this is the first step toward financial freedom and prosperity.

Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap…and Others Don’t By Jim Collins 

Discipline is a significant lesson from Good to Great: to change a good organization into a great one, disciplined people, disciplined ideas, and disciplined action are necessary.

  • Disciplined personnel: this means recruiting the right people and keeping them focused on the goal.
  • Disciplined thinking: this means telling the truth and avoiding distractions.
  • Disciplined action requires deciding what is most essential and what isn’t.

The keys to getting from excellent to outstanding include bringing the right people on board, engaging in critical thinking, and then taking disciplined action in line with the Hedgehog Concept. Overall, Good to Great is a business classic that we highly recommend.

Never Split the Difference By Chris Voss 

Chris Voss is a former FBI hostage negotiator who worked on a worldwide scale, and his book, Never Split the Difference, details his battle-tested strategies for high-stakes discussions.

The negotiating process includes listening, validating their emotions, and developing enough trust and safety for a meaningful discussion to occur.

Use mirrors to elicit empathy and bonding from the opposing side, to keep people talking, to buy time for your side to reorganize, and to elicit information from your opponents. Tactical empathy focuses on both the emotional hurdles and the various avenues to a successful agreement.

Giving a name to someone’s emotion, also known as labelling, helps you to become closer to them without having to ask about things you don’t understand.

Rich Dad Poor Dad By Robert Kiyosaki Rich Dad’s Guide to Becoming Rich without cutting up your credit cards By Robert Kiyosaki

Many individuals work exceedingly hard but never manage to generate enough money; in his book Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki explains how to escape the “rat race” and achieve financial independence.

Isn’t it true that everyone should go to school, get good grades, and then find a good job? Not if financial independence is your goal. Schools teach students how to work for a living, but not how to make money work for them. As a result of a lack of financial education in schools, even the most educated people struggle to manage their finances.

People believe that if they get that raise or find a new job, they will be happy. However, you can never have enough money if you don’t understand how money works. Money will not solve anything; in fact, most people will become even more in debt as a result of it. 

I wanted to say thank you for reading this week blog & hope you enjoyed learning something on personal, financial and life in general. 

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